Monday, June 14, 2010

Girls Watching Guys

Part One: Stacey's View

My brother and I were recently out of high school, me being in my second year of county college, him working odd jobs that summer as he prepared for college himself. Because my school was in the next town, I lived at home during that time. It was the middle of summer when the following incident happened. It was something that deep down I had always wanted to witness. Had I lived in a dorm like a lot of other college girls, considering the wild stories that come from those places, I'm sure I would have had even more exciting stories to tell. But living at home as I was, what happened that one afternoon I fondly remember and think about it often.

A couple of weeks ago over at my friend's house, while we were talking about guy things, she mentioned that her brother jerked off in the shower all the time. I asked how she knew this, and she said she poked her head in the bathroom a few times and could see him in the shower doing it. We had a good giggle over this one, as you may imagine. For some reason it had never occurred to me that my own brother Gary might be stroking it in the shower too. I had heard him doing it in bed at night every once in a while (which was fun to listen to under the covers in my own dark room!), but I never considered he might also be doing it in the shower.

So, later that week when my brother and I were home alone (our parents having gone out for the day), I saw Gary go into the shower about three in the afternoon. It seemed an odd time for him to take a shower, and then I remembered what my friend had said about catching her brother. Having only heard him stroking it when he was in bed, I had never actually gotten to watch a guy playing with himself, so the irresistible urge of curiosity taking over, this opportunity was too much for an inquisitive young woman like me to pass up! Nobody else was home, and nobody was expected home for a few hours, so as I briefly weighed the risks of getting caught doing this, my female curiosity overcame any reason I could think of why I shouldn't be doing this.

I made my way to the bathroom door, and grabbed the key that we kept above the door frame. I paused there for a few moments, debating if I really wanted to go through with this little scheme. Spying on someone was something I had never done before, and more importantly, spying on my own brother made it an even greater no no. But the curiosity of what he might be doing in there was too much to fight, and finally I gave in to my dark side. As quietly as I could I unlocked the door, my fingers shaking at the forbidden thing I was about to do, and opened it slowly just a crack.

The rush of warm air that pushed out at me, and the increased sound of the water in the shower sent a tingle of excitement down my body. The way our bathroom is laid out, the door opens on the right hand side, the same side that the double sink is on, with the shower on the left side of the room. So looking in through the slightly opened door, I was looking at the reflection of the entire length of the shower. We have a glass sliding door for the shower, fortunately for me this day a totally clear one, so from my spot outside the door I could see my brother's naked body perfectly, every little detail of it.

I had peeked in with the idea that I might be seeing him playing with himself, but as it was he was actually taking a shower. That fact didn't make me leave of course, once I saw the wet naked male body before me, I wasn't going anywhere soon. I had seen him naked a few times before in passing, but spying on him like this made it seem all the more exciting. He had his back to me at the time, cleaning his hair, so I got a very ample and long look at his butt. I enjoyed its appearance with great relish. It was a far longer look then I ever would have dared if someone else was around!

As he was done cleaning his hair Gary turned to the right, facing the sliding glass door, in effect giving me a full frontal view of him. My eyes instantly went down between his legs at the part of his anatomy I most wanted to see. Spying on him from my secret spot, I was able to get a good long look at his entire package, and my heart was pounding as my eyes inspected every square inch. His penis was completely flaccid (I had never actually seen him hard), and was laying on his sac which hung down rather loose, which is the kind of sac I like the best.

I stood there eagerly watching his genitals, and enjoyed how his dick and balls bounced around as he cleaned himself. Getting such a close inspection of a guy's package, it was little wonder I was beginning to get turned on by the sight before me. I felt so naughty spying on him like this, and with each passing moment I realized it was becoming more impossible to move away from my secret spot at the door had I wanted to.

As I continued to take in the wonderful frontal view of the male genitals, it began to occur to me that it looked like it had gotten a bit more plump. As he cleaned his upper body, I looked back down again and realized he was indeed more plump. As I sat there transfixed on his penis, without any physical contact, it ever so slowly began to grow a little at a time. I gasped at the thought that I was watching it become erect. It was an amazing thing to watch this small little thing laying on his sac a few moments ago slowly grow in size, until it doubled its length, the head finally beginning to rise off his sac and point out on its own.

I only wish I could see the look on my own face as I watched his penis grow erect for the first time, I was totally mesmerized by the image. I think it's because of that day that I still love watching a guy grow hard without any contact. I always have my lovers put their hands behind their backs so I can see it grow on its own. Soon his dick was near its full length and sticking straight away from his body, and to my surprise kept rising more until it was pointing upwards about forty five degrees. My god, that looked so amazing to me. His penis sticking upwards, and his loose balls hanging down between his legs really made it look impressive.

For a girl who wasn't used to seeing such stuff that often, his full and upright erection looked simply enormous to me. In reality it was your averaged sized hard on I guess, but in comparison to what I had, and comparing it to how it looked when soft, the difference in size was impressive to say the least. I was simply in love with the size of it, the shape of it, the way it stood upright, and most of all how full it was. It looked so rock hard I could only imagine how turned on he must be for it to look that stiff, and wondered what that must feel like for a guy.

I also wondered what had turned him on that much to make it so hard. Only after it stopped growing did I realize I had my own hand down my pants, I had actually started masturbating before he did. I can only imagine with horror the situation of my mother coming home and seeing me with my hand down my pants peeking into the shower at my brother's erection! I'm quite thankful this never happened. (Although in hindsight I'm sure she would have understood, being that age once herself, don't you think?)

When he was totally erect, for some reason he started to move his hips from side to side for a bit, and I watched with amazement as his erection swayed back and forth. It reminded me of the way a tree swayed back and forth in a heavy wind. He was looking down at it as he did so, I guess he was getting a kick out of seeing his hardon bounce around like that. With him now being erect and checking himself out, it was to my great excitement that I realized he was probably going to start playing with himself soon.

I had always disliked the fact that our shower door was totally clear instead of at least being shaded or textured, because I felt so exposed when I was in there, it felt like being on display in a fish bowl. But now with what I had before me, I was very thankful that my parents did buy this totally clear door, I could see my brother's naked body in very minute detail.

As I continued to finger myself, he finally put one of his hands down there, and to my surprise bypassed his stiff erection completely, instead taking one of his balls in his hands. He seemed to be feeling it for a bit, which seemed puzzling, and after about a minute of touching himself like this moved over to feel his other ball the same way for a while. I had no idea why he was doing this, but it definitely was exciting to be watching him touch his balls like this. When he was done massaging his second ball, he then pressed upwards against his body and coughed, then went back to the other side and did the same thing. Quizzically I looked up at him and saw he had turned his head to cough this second time. "Turn your head and cough."

I had heard guys joke about this and I realized this to be part of what happens to them at the doctors. My brother was pretending to give himself an exam down there like at the doctors! I don't know why, but I found the idea of him giving himself a "genital exam" incredibly erotic as his hands felt his balls again the same way. The vision of him touching himself in this medical kind of way sent me over the edge, I don't know why, and right outside the door I had a very unexpected and sudden orgasm that I wasn't prepared for. It quite caught me by surprise, and because of that I'm not sure how quiet I really was about it or if he could have heard anything. I'm sure some orgasmic sounds slipped past my lips, as I wasn't anticipating this, and I deeply hoped the sound of the water would wash out any of my own emissions.

As the orgasm subsided, I was shocked with myself, that I not only found watching him play doctor with himself incredibly erotic, but the mere thought of it had made me come quickly. For a second I was afraid that if he had heard me my spying on him would be compromised. But opening my eyes I realized he was continuing on with his erotic little exam again. He felt each ball one more time, then lifted each one up, turning his head and coughing again. To this day I secretly enjoy the fact that he has a bit of a medical fetish. And yes, I sometimes masturbate imagining that I'm the one giving him the exam.

Finally, I guess he could stand his arousal no longer. His stiff erection (an unusual and truly beautiful sight to a highly inexperienced girl like me) had merely bounced around craving contact while he played doctor with his balls. Now up came his hand, and he took it in his entire hand. Oh, my inexperience, I laugh at it now, but I figured guys do it similar to girls, by rubbing just the tips of their fingers against the penis. So I was quite surprised to see him lay his penis in his palm and wrap his fingers completely around it, and begin stroking up and down the entire length.

My mouth must have fallen wide open watching this completely new thing for the first time. The motion he used on himself, along with the way he gripped it with his entire hand was so different than anything I expected. What struck me is how completely different it was from how us girls did it. It was like he was putting his entire fist and arm into it.

I think I had to remember to breathe in these opening moments, I was so mesmerized and awestruck at the sight before me. I could not believe after all these years I was finally seeing how a guy got himself off. The fact that I had just orgasmed a minute ago didn't seem to matter any more, with the new sight before me my fingers were down my pants again hurriedly going at it. I then and there was sold on the concept that watching a guy play with himself is one of the most erotic things in the whole world. Hearing him do it in his bedroom was exciting enough, and left a lot to the fertile imagination. But seeing his lean naked body, his super stiff erection, and his fist going back and forth over it while his wonderful sack bounced about was almost too much for me to take.

I was having trouble standing at the door trying to peek in while I was rubbing myself like this. Extreme horniness eventually overcomes fear and discretion, and as aroused as I was I absolutely needed a better view of what he was doing, even if it risked being discovered, so I pushed the door open a good 8". Within moments he quickly picked up his pace, grunted in pleasure, and then abruptly stopped his stroking, taking his hands away entirely. At first I thought Gary had orgasmed, but didn't see anything come out, so I assumed he had just stopped for a minute, though I couldn't figure out what would have made him stop.

He paused for a few seconds, and it gave me a moment (while I continued to stare at that wonderful erection) to reflect on what I had just witnessed. Male masturbation was instantly my number one fascination. The fact that I was spying on him without him knowing I was there made it even more delicious. Here Gary was behind a locked door, the sound of the water drowning out the stroking sounds his hand was making, never expecting anyone knew what he was really doing in there. But I knew, I now knew all his little secrets, and I was watching every little motion his hand was doing, and he had no idea. Clearly my naughtiest secret to date!

He took the base of his dick between two fingers, one finger on top and one on the underside, and slowly pushed them up towards the tip. With the other hand one finger touched right by his pee hole, and he slowly pulled it away nearly a foot as he watched what he was doing. It wasn't until a closer inspection through the mirror and shower door that I realized he had squeezed his pre cum out his tip and was looking at it extend like a string! What he did next floored me, he wiped the rest of it off his dick with his finger and put it to his mouth tasting it. His masturbating sister behind the door almost had her second orgasm realizing he was tasting himself. He was proving full of surprises today with the things he was doing.

I guess his little "rest" was complete now, his hand once again gripped his erection as it had done earlier, what a wonderful sight for a female to behold, and he began once again stroking up and down. It occurred to me that he wasn't doing it with a straight up down motion, but as his hand went up, he sort of twisted his hand to the side a little with each stroke, I guess it must have felt better for him to do it that way. In no time at all we were both masturbating again, him moderately stroking in the privacy of the shower, and me furiously fingering while peeking through the door at his intimate and private moment.

This time he did not stop abruptly like before, but kept doing it in a good even motion. After a few moments his other hand came down, and began to feel one of his balls while he stroked himself. The added stimulation made him moan a little bit, that familiar moan I had heard when he did it in bed at night. His face was very placid, looking right down at what he was doing to himself, as one hand stroked his stiffness and the other played with his balls.

It was ridiculous just how wet my own groin was, my panties were now soaked; somewhere along the line I had realized the futility of pants, and they had dropped down to my ankles, giving me better freedom to get at my own goods. While the fingers of one hand furiously played with my button, my other hand reached down to feel my labia, just the way Gary's other hand was playing with his balls. I was trying to imagine what that felt like feeling them in his own hands.

By now his hand was stroking considerably faster than it had done earlier, and I could see the way his body was moving around, and the wonderful look on his face that he was getting close to the end. He began whimpering slightly, and I would have been whimpering too if I wasn't trying so damn hard to keep from being discovered. Had the door been closed I probably wouldn't have heard his noises; but the door wasn't closed, his curiously horny sister was listening to every single moan and groan he made, eyeing hungrily his now increasing body language as his hips began to move back and forth and he began to hunch over.

He now took his other hand off his balls, and soon he was stroking himself furiously with both hands. This two fisted action was an incredible thing for me to watch. For the better part of a minute he masturbated this way, and the gasps and moans kept coming more audible, until that last final stage. A series of very guttural grunts took him, his face now looked in pain, and he thrust his hips forward and I realized I was about to see the best part of a man's jacking off: him shooting his load.

I really wasn't sure just what a guy looked like when he came. I knew it was white in color, but had no idea how it came out, so I was waiting with baited breath to see this happen for the first time. Not surprisingly, when it did happen I was not the least bit disappointed. One long loud grunt took him, his body hunched over, he thrust his hips forward once more and as his penis pointed upward, I saw the most wonderful display of the male orgasm. Several long white jets of sperm shot out of his hole, up into the air, landing on the shower glass before him at chest level. I was beside myself with how much fluid came out, and how high it shot on the glass.

I really had not expected that guys came that much or that far, so it was incredibly impressive to watch this happen. Once again I found my mouth hanging wide open with a wide grin, and the sight of him spurting like that sent me to another delicious orgasm behind the door. Gary looked physically exhausted after such an extreme display, and leaned back at last against the shower tile to rest, his erection still leaking out some remaining ejaculate.

I looked at that wonder known as male ejaculate, and marveled at how high in the air it shot out. As the white fluid began to drip down the length of the shower glass in long streams I couldn't help thinking how dirty that looked. I was watching a guy's cum drip down the glass. Even though he was finished, my eyes were still busy taking it all in, actively switching between the lines of white cum dripping down the glass, the post orgasmic look on his face, and his hard on slowly coming back down. It was exciting watching it ever so slowly come down to earth, for some reason it reminded me of the way an ice cube melted.

After about a minute of standing there, he finally picked up his now half erect penis in his hand, and as he did earlier, squeezed it from base to tip, and I watched as the remaining sperm was squeezed out of his dick hole, and hung there on a string. He took the string in his hands, and again moved it up to his mouth to taste it. I couldn't take anymore after seeing this, I quickly pulled up my pants and headed back to my bedroom. Halfway there I stopped, and headed back, remembering to close the bathroom door lest he realize I was there!

I quickly retired to my bedroom and began fingering myself again. I couldn't get the image out of my head of his naked body, and his hands busily rubbing his dick. And the scene of male ejaculate all over the shower glass once again sent me directly towards another orgasm. I heard him open the bathroom door after he was dressed, and as he walked by my own room to get to his own, there I lay on my bed with legs spread wide apart, imagining my door was open so he could see right down between my legs at what *I* was doing to myself. Knowing he was just outside my door, mere feet from me masturbating on my bed, my third and final orgasm ensued.

I'm sure he had to have heard that one, I was so horny at that point I really didn't care if he heard. Because I was focusing solely on my own orgasm this time instead of watching his, it was the most powerful of the three, and I'm sure the sounds that escaped me confirmed that. I hope he enjoyed it! After watching him doing it, I guess it was only fair that he should sort of catch me doing it as well. I think I fell asleep like that, wearing no pants, legs spread wide, juices all over my groin, and my equally wet fingers still lying on my pussy.

It was quite difficult to look him in the eye that night at dinner, I tried my best to avoid him all night. He wouldn't have known why I had such an embarrassed look on my face even if he saw it, but nevertheless what I had watched Gary do was so incredibly erotic that I just could not dare look him in the face for fear of giving away how much I loved what I saw that day! This day was definitely a learning experience for me. I had watched my brother in the shower naked, watched him go from completely soft to sticking straight up in the air, watched him touch himself in several different ways, and saw his awesome ejaculation.

I think that every girl should have the opportunity to see her brother masturbate like this. Not only was it an incredibly horny experience that I have cherished and relived to this day, (I can't tell you the number of times I've masturbated over the years thinking about that scene!) it also answered a lot of questions for me of what guy's genitals look like when they're hard and how they play with themselves. Girls, if you haven't yet had the opportunity to watch a guy do this, you don't know what your missing! Later that night I overheard my parents talking, and my father mentioned how unusually quiet I was at dinner, and how I just looked at my plate. My mother sort of brushed this off with a laugh, saying, "Maybe she found a boy." If they only knew!

To be continued...

Part Two: Gary's Show

It was a slow summer's day, with our parents not due home until after five. While I was watching TV my sister Stacey walked through the room. As she looked away from me, like all young men I took the opportunity to glance at her wonderful tits bouncing as she walked, and then got a good view of her crotch as well. As she walked out of the room and up the stairs my eyes were glued to her bouncy ass the entire way. Summer is a great time for all men, as the females amongst us walk around in very skimpy and revealing outfits. It doesn't take much to set a young man's hormones off, and this brief but rewarding view of Stacey's womanly parts soon made me realize I was going to need to get myself off.

So upstairs I went, and decided to take a shower. The whole affair started out innocently enough, I meant to do what I always did, take a shower, relieve myself by stroking, and then go about my day. My masturbation fantasies were going to center around my scantily clad sister, her young pert tits, her wonderful ass wiggling as she walked away, and that wonderful mystery buried beneath her pants. What brother hasn't done this thousands of times? My sister for some reason decided to change all my plans this day, and in a rather dramatic way which I didn't mind at all!

In no time I was undressed, took a pee in the toilet, and then hopped into the shower. I was just washing my hair, with my back to the shower head when I felt a bit of cold air on my shoulders. The only possible thing that could have caused that was that the bathroom door was open. I was absolutely sure that I locked it: I was planning on masturbating and certainly did not want the humiliation of getting caught. So if the door was open, someone else had obviously opened it. The cooler air from outside the bathroom kept coming in up over the shower door, hitting me on the shoulders and I reckoned that with both my parents still not due home for another few hours it could only mean that my sister Stacey had opened it. But why?

Glancing briefly over my shoulder, there was nobody else in the room, and looking at the mirror it was clear the door was not open all the way. After a few moments of pondering it I could only deduce that my sister was spying on me taking a shower! This is one of those things in life you just never know how you'll react to until it actually happens. There may have been a split second of embarrassment as I realized my vulnerable position, but for whatever reason it was quickly replaced by a thrill of excitement, the thrill of the forbidden. The idea that she could see me completely naked was an instant turn on for me.

As I stood there with my back to her, finishing my hair, I knew she had to be peeking through the door staring at my naked butt. I kind of liked that fact, it was a bit embarrassing at first, but the longer I stood there exposed, the more I began to realize I kind of liked it. I could almost feel her eyes on me. When I was done with my shampoo I knew she would be wanting to see what I looked like from the front. The cool air still coming up over the shower partition confirmed that she was still peeking, and I turned to the right, facing the clear glass door so I knew she could get the best view of my genitals.

What a feeling of electricity went through me as I turned, knowing Stacey was peeking through the door, and most certainly staring at my privates. I guess it was at this moment of my life that I realized I was an exhibitionist. Fully naked, I was enjoying the fact that she was watching my entire body. I was completely flaccid yet, but that didn't matter, the fact that I was showing off my body in front of her was fantastic. I decided to give her a lot of time to look at my cock, so I pretended to be washing the upper part of my body for some time. I knew she had to be enjoying watching my balls and soft dick moving around as I washed.

Standing there naked in front of a girl, knowing she was hungrily viewing what I had down there, it's not surprising that I began to feel something begin to stir down there. The continued cold air on my shoulders reinforced the idea that she was watching me, and that made me begin to grow a little bit more. The idea of masturbating in front of her was always a fantasy of mine, and being that I had come in the shower to masturbate anyway, I was excited that I might finally be able to do it in front of her. I think deep down every young man likes the fact of being seen masturbating.

But as strong as the urge was to grab my cock and start going at it, I really wanted to show off for her as much as possible too. I figured she'd probably like seeing my penis grow erect, so while I felt myself beginning to plump up, I made sure not to touch it. With a good looking girl who I had been eyeing minutes before now staring through the door at me, it wasn't the least bit difficult to get a full erection for her gazing pleasure, without any physical contact at all. Soon it was twice its original size, then it was three times the size, nearly sticking straight out at her and I could imagine the look on her face as she watched it grow like this.

Finally with it sticking up in the air, I paused for a bit to let her enjoy this view which she had obviously come to see, and then for an added show began to sway my hips back and forth, letting my hard on bounce side to side. Considering how much I liked seeing her boobs wiggle when she moved, I could only imagine her eyes were firmly focused on my erection bouncing around like this.

Ever the showman, as much as my throbbing dick wanted to be stroked, I wanted to draw this out as long as possible. The next thing that popped into my head was a stroke of genius, if I do say so myself. I'm not sure how many people have a medical fetish, but I sure do. The feeling of being naked, and the feel of a doctor's hands on my privates has always given me an erection. For some reason I decided to give myself a mock genital exam for her to watch. Feeling each one of my nuts just like the doctor would do, I then gave myself a hernia check.

A sound outside the door at once proved that giving myself a mock exam had been a great idea. I clearly heard a very guttural and pleasurable moan which I recognized as that of Stacey's voice. Had I been in the act of stroking myself when I heard it I instantly would have come right there, that sound she made sounded so desperately erotic. I was in disbelief that I had just heard the sound of Stacey actually having an orgasm right outside the bathroom door. I can't imagine she had meant to be that loud, she was after all peeking in on me and had absolutely no idea I knew she was out there. She must have moaned accidentally, and the fact that she was not only spying on me, but was outside masturbating was shocking and incredibly delightful.

Having a fetish for a genital exam myself, the fact that she had her orgasm while I was "checking out" my scrotum made her orgasm even more interesting. She had clearly enjoyed the fact of watching me give myself an exam. Always the showman, I wasn't going to disappoint, so I went back and gave myself another in depth exam of my testes and scrotum, and then once again a hernia exam.

I was at this point so turned on at the fact of being spied on, being seen with an erection, being watched examining myself, and hearing her playing with herself right outside the door, that my throbbing erection would be denied no longer. I finally grabbed it and found it so incredibly erotic to be masturbating while someone was watching me. It is the most private and forbidden thing a guy can do to himself, and here I was showing this secret off to her. After stroking it for a bit, it seemed like the cold air coming up over the shower door was increasing.

Risking a quick glance at the door (I did not want her to know I knew she was there, that might ruin the whole thing), I could see in the mirror that the bathroom door had now been opened up almost a foot. Before I had only felt the cold air coming in, but now visually seeing that she had opened the door to look at what I was doing, and for that matter even opened it wider was such an instant rush it almost caused me to pop right there. A big old pre orgasmic grunt came out of me which I knew she had to hear, and it was all I could do to keep myself from cumming, taking my hands away. I wanted this wonderful moment to last as long as possible.

With my hands over my head I gave her another opportunity to look over my erection. A very dirty idea now popped into my head, well perhaps even a little more dirty than standing in front of her masturbating. I slowly squeezed the entire length of my dick to push out all the precum, and with my finger slowly pulled it away so it was a long string. She was now watching me play with some of my fluid. Taking this dirty idea to an even higher level, I collected the entirety of my precum on my finger, and slowly put it to my mouth to taste it.

This newfound exhibitionist was in complete heaven. I really wanted to make this voyeur/exhibitionist thing last as long as possible, but I was so turned on it was everything I could do to keep from cumming too quickly. I tried to stroke it as slow as possible, but eventually it got to be a losing effort. Knowing there was a female just outside the door closely inspecting every thing I was doing to myself was just to much to hold back. Taking now to a two fisted action, stroking with all sincerity, as orgasm was approaching the image of her actually seeing the sperm shooting out of my dick in the next few moments was all it took to send me over the edge.

For full effect, whatever sound wanted to come out of my body at this point came out, several grunts, groans and moans, and I'm sure she enjoyed every bit of it! As my orgasm started, I made sure to point my dick upward so the sperm shot as high as possible, I wanted to give her one last grand finale. The idea of being seen masturbating for the first time, and especially ejaculating while someone watched only made my orgasm all the more intense. I shot my load all over the shower door as grunt after grunt came out of my mouth. This was clearly the most erotic and forbidden thing I had ever done in my life. Yes, she was the one technically spying on me, but I was the one intentionally masturbating expressly so she could see.

Even as my last shot of sperm shot upwards towards the glass, I bent my ear towards the door and was rewarded. Seeing me ejaculate like that against the glass had sent my horny sister over the edge one more time, and she made some very audible sounds. The idea that Stacy had an orgasm because she had just watched me have one was really wild. Spent from this incredible experience, I leaned back against the shower wall to rest, and looking at the glass, I realized my ejaculate was running down in long white streaks. Stacey was obviously getting to watch it do this, and the idea of her watching it was such a dirty thought.

I once again squeezed the rest of the sperm out of my dick, letting it hang down in a string for her to enjoy, and then put it onto my finger and pretended to taste it. Entirely disgusting stuff, but I was almost hoping she'd have another orgasm, but she didn't. Seconds later I heard the door close, I guess she was so flustered at what she saw and what she was doing to herself that she had forgotten to be stealthy in closing the door. I finally got dressed and opened the bathroom door, and noticed that while she remembered to close it so as not to give herself away, she forgot to lock it. She didn't make a very good spy, lets put it that way!

Not surprisingly, down the hall I noticed her own bedroom door was shut. As I slowly walked by, I heard her bed creak a bit and what sounded like her legs sliding across the sheets, followed by a very long and loud moan that slowly died off, descending in pitch as it did so: She had gone straight to her room and had another orgasm. Without the water to drown out her sounds this final time, I heard her orgasmic chorus in full, and was smitten with how incredible she sounded. A woman in her self made moment of pleasure is an absolute delight to hear!

By the time I reached my own room I was completely erect again. I sat in my room for a good time as I relived what just happened. From start to finish, I tried to replay every moment of this incredible episode in my head. From first realizing I was being spied on, to giving her a show, to the most unexpected part of me hearing her doing it on her bed. She had been spying on me, but couldn't help herself when she came. The fact that seeing me masturbate gave her three orgasms to this day floors me. I still jerk off with the idea of her standing there looking at me do it, with her fingers furiously masturbating herself at the same time.

Sitting at dinner later that evening was indeed one of the most unique situations we ever had at the dinner table. She had a very embarrassed look on her face, as if she was trying her best to keep anyone from knowing her most dirty secret. She never made eye contact with me even once, she was so embarrassed to be sitting right across the table from me mere hours after watching me do all those intimate things to myself. I guess I was pretty silent about it myself. I kept saying to myself, "She doesn't know I know, she doesn't know I know." That was maybe the best part of the whole thing. She actually believed I had no idea that she was spying on me, she had seen me masturbate and taste my own cum, and do all those naughty things. And she had no idea that the reason I did half those things, and the reason I came as hard as I did, was because I *knew* she was looking.

It wasn't but a few days later that we had the house to ourselves again, and I'm sure both of us were eagerly waiting for the opportunity. When it came I instantly went upstairs to take another shower, and right on cue my sister once again opened the door, knowing I went up there for no other reason than to masturbate. I pretty much did the same things, including an in depth genital exam on myself. The only difference this time is that I didn't hear her make any moans or groans.

I don't know if she didn't masturbate at all or didn't have any orgasm, or if she was just able to suppress her moans a lot better this time. This mutually enjoyable show promised to open more opportunities in the future for both of us. She obviously wanted to see me jerk off, enough so to spy on me, and I loved to be watched so much that I let it happen and even set it up.

To be continued...

Part 3:

After my memorable experience of masturbating in the shower while my sister Stacey watched, as you may imagine I was incredibly excited and horny over what had happened. That same night I masturbated a second time in bed, and I'm sure Stacey could hear it in the next room. I made sure to get good and lubed up so she could hear the stroking through the wall, and was also a bit more vocal as I approached orgasm.

That night at dinner she could not look me in the eyes, and the following day much the same happened. She did her best to avoid me entirely, walking around with a sheepish look on her face, the way a small child might act when trying to keep a big secret from someone they shouldn't tell it to. That second night I heard her laughing on the phone in her bedroom with her friend, hysterically at times, at times loud enough that I could pick up enough words to realize she was telling her about what she saw me do in the shower. One particularly loud outburst from her was in answer to an obvious question, "Hell, yes, I'd do it again." While I didn't like the idea that she was broadcasting the fact that she caught me masturbating to her friends, because of the potentially embarrassing situations that might create, it seemed obvious that she was very willing to try to catch me again. I very much enjoyed hearing that admission from her.

The next day she was a little bit more composed around me, and by the fourth day she was acting like nothing had ever happened, though I feel completely safe in saying she had not forgotten the incident! I tried to play it cool myself, and while countless times that week I wanted to run to the shower and wait for her to peak through the door, I resisted this urge as best I could. Not because of any morale obligation mind you, I had not the will to resist another encounter like this. Rather I wanted her to get comfortable with me again, and for the shock to wear off before she got another showing. I also wanted to build up her impatience, if I did it every day she'd quickly lose interest. So I tried as hard as I could to hold off as long as possible before putting on another show. As it turned out, my resistance lasted an entire seven days.

Stacey and I found ourselves home alone again one afternoon, on the couch watching a show on television. The scene changed to one of the girl's bedrooms where she was with several of her girlfriends discussing boys. Looking at these scantily clad, hot young females on the tube was getting me horny to begin with. But as luck would have it, their discussion descended from guys in general to guys getting themselves off. The stars were with me this day. One girl mentioned with disgust that she caught her boyfriend doing it in the bedroom. The other girls all giggled at this of course, and one added, "Its not that bad, I think it looks cute when they do it." More giggles followed. With my sister sitting just a few feet away from me hearing this exact same thing, I couldn't take it anymore, I had to go play in the shower again.

I glanced quickly over to see her reaction at such intimate talk, and she had much the same eager look that I had. Even as that interchange between the girls happened, I stood abruptly to leave; I wanted Stacey to realize it had set me off enough that I was going to take care of myself. But I wanted to make sure she knew I was going to the "shower" and not just leaving, but couldn't come up with a way of relaying that without giving my exhibitionist self away. Fortunately she solved the problem for me, asking where I was going when I got up, to which I calmly responded, "I'm going to take a shower." Seeing that scene discussing guys masturbating and immediately asking me that question, it was obvious she was hoping I was going to jerk off.

As I got undressed it occurred to me how badly I needed to pee. And as I went to lift the seat, the thought came to me: why not let her watch me do this as well? That I could tell she hadn't seen me pee before. I thought about this idea, and took it one step further. As clear as the shower glass door was, it was still somewhat obstructive of the view a voyeur behind the bathroom door might enjoy. If she could see me outside the actual shower, she'd have a much better view of my goods. So I decided to masturbate outside the shower, after all the shower itself wasn't aiding my jerking off, it was the "isolation" of the bathroom itself and the locked door which made this "private" act possible. I would make it just a little less private.

So I leaned into the shower and turned on the water so she would think I was in the shower. I then stood in front of the toilet and stared at the doorknob waiting for it to turn. After about two minutes, I saw the doorknob jiggle a little bit, and the horizontal latch on the back of the knob slowly began to turn. She was unlocking the door! A feeling of expectant electricity was flowing through my body in that instant. I took my eyes away just in time as I saw the knob itself began to turn, and delighted in the fact that she was now peeking in at me. By not being behind the actual shower glass, her secret position behind the bathroom door was more obvious and exposed, so I had to do my very best not to look in her general direction for fear of giving myself away.

The toilet was on the same wall as the side the door opened, so from her spot behind the door, looking in the big mirror she could not only see the shower, but clearly see my entire torso standing in front of the toilet. So I knew she was now getting a good view of my naked body. With a deep breath to let off the tenseness and nervousness of being scrutinized in this way, I lifted the toilet seat. How I remained flaccid during this episode I don't know, perhaps it was the anxiety and expectant nature of what I was about to do for her viewing pleasure.

So I stood there in front of the toilet, holding my flaccid penis in my hand, knowing she was getting a very good 45 degree view of my naked goods. Knowing someone was watching me made it very hard for me to start, and I stood there almost thirty seconds, idly holding myself in my hands waiting for it to come out. I can't imagine what she was thinking about while I stood there like that not doing anything. At last however, urine started to flow. I was certain that as the first bit of pee hit the water her attention would be drawn to the spray coming out my hole, so I afforded myself a very brief glance at the mirror, and found the door was indeed opened just a crack. It was thrilling to know she was really outside watching me.

It was fortunate that I really needed to go, because it made the situation of me standing in front of her peeing last all the longer. As the last few droplets came out, I then began an intentionally long series of taps and wiggles, finally squeezing the entire length of my penis to get the last few drops out, enjoying the fact she was watching me play with myself as I finished peeing. For effect, I bent down to grab a piece of toilet paper, and squeezing the head of my dick, wiped up the last drop on the paper, and threw it into the toilet. Only now after showing off like this did my penis begin to get a bit plump.

Just as I was about to get to the best part of my act something happened that risked ending it prematurely: the damn phone rang. Obviously with the bathroom door open, and me not being in the shower itself I could hear the phone a lot better. I imagine Stacey realized the same thing, and afraid to give herself away, closed the door, just loud enough for me to hear it catch, and then trotted off to answer it. I was now in a quandary. I wanted her to see me masturbate, but standing around waiting for her before starting would be too obvious. So I began to brush my teeth as a ruse, keeping a firm eye on the doorknob again. Within a minute I saw the knob begin to turn again, and that feeling of exhibitionism again returned to me.

The good part about the phone interruption was that now I was standing in front of the sink that much closer to her, it would have been awkward to walk towards her while she was still watching. The bad part about the interruption is that I couldn't hold out any longer. Having just been seeing peeing and wiggling and squeezing was erotic enough an experience that I had grown completely erect while she went to get the phone. I had wanted to get hard while she watched, but it wasn't going to happen. I hope she wasn't disappointed.

I hastily finished brushing my teeth, and stood up straight in front of the sink, giving her at last a clear view of my now upwardly pointing erection. I pretended to stand there looking at my own naked body in the mirror, she could tell by the angle of my eyes that I was staring down at my own erection. I began to slowly move my hips back and forth so that my erection began to sway to and fro, and my sac began to wiggle as well. Satisfied that she had a long enough view of my private parts, I then moved on to the next phase of my little exhibition: the genital exam.

I fondly remembered the fact that during last week's show in the shower I heard her orgasm while I was giving myself a mock genital exam, so I knew she was highly aroused at the thought of a guy checking himself out. I certainly wasn't going to disappoint her this time around. I took one of my testes in my fingers and did an in depth feel, and then worked my fingers slowly up my sac, and then repeated the lengthy process on the other side, loving the fact she was watching this. I only wish she could be in the doctor's office with me watching the real thing. I then took some time feeling the skin of my scrotum itself, pulling it away from my balls, and doing so on all sides, and even reaching behind to feel there too.

I then moved up to my erect penis, and started feeling it at the base, slowly working my way up its length. A cursory feel of the circumcision ring was then followed by giving the head a good squeeze, and finally spreading open the hole with both thumbs to look down inside it. I sort of bent it to the right a little when I did this, knowing she'd probably take a look down at the open hole. A quick glance at the mirror confirmed the door was still open a crack. Last but not least came the hernia check for each side, giving several coughs as I did so.

Done with my little exam, the moment we both had been waiting for arrived. I squirted some lotion out of the bottle on the sink, and applied it to my dick, and quickly set about masturbating. At once I recaptured that incredible feeling that I was jerking off while someone was watching. It really is a wonderful thrill that everyone should experience at least once.The feeling of masturbating quickly increased the dirty sensations, and coupled with the fact I was no more than four feet away from my sister who was watching me was too much to take. Like last week in the shower, I wanted to stroke for as long as possible to make the moment last. But with standing mere feet from her now, knowing the much better view she was getting, it was as if I were standing right in front of her doing it. All I had to do was to look in the mirror to see her face looking down at my masturbation to confirm how close she was.

One quite inadvertent glance towards the door is all it took, and I saw that just like last time, once I had begun actually masturbating, she had opened the door just a little bit more to get a better look, throwing aside caution. The glance lasted but an instant, but standing now at the sink instead of in the shower, this afforded me for the first time to actually see her face there behind the door watching me. Her cute and absorbed face was entirely focused on what I was doing to myself down there. The sight of her looking at my most intimate act was all it took.

It was less than a minute since I started to actually jerk, but the sight of her actually looking at me like that put me over the edge. Oh, the view of a female's eyes looking at my genitals as I masturbated, in that instant I could feel her gaze touching me down there. I instantly looked away, closed my eyes to keep from giving myself away again, and had a very powerful orgasm; groaning, grunting, and making all those wonderful involuntary orgasmic movements. I once again held my penis upwards so the ejaculate flew up in the air with a nice arc, and landed on the counter top. One little drop actually landed on the bottom of the mirror too. Its amazing how much more intense a simple voyeur's presence can make a person's orgasm. After a moment of rest, I squeezed the length of my penis as the rest of my ejaculate was forced out onto the counter top.

Deciding to leave my ejaculate there for her to see, I then disappeared into the shower to take a very quick shower. My reason for the quick shower should be obvious of course, I wanted to see if Stacey was taking care of her own itch in her bedroom like last time. In and out in under five minutes I quickly dried myself off and got dressed. I looked at the whitish puddle of ejaculate I had left on the sink, and decided like a dirty young man to leave it there. Upon leaving, I noted the door was once again closed, and was impressed that this time Stacey even had the presence of mind to lock it!

Upon opening the bathroom door and walking out, I found what I fully expected to see: Stacey was in her bedroom and the door was shut tight. My little show had forced her to go to the sanctuary of her bedroom to masturbate. I walked very slowly past her door, but heard nothing, and then once in my own room sat near her wall to try to listen in. I only heard one or two deep breaths and one very slight creak of the bed, but nothing more. She was considerably more discreet this time in her orgasm, much to my sorrow. I really wanted once again to hear that wonderful outburst she had when she came last week on her bed: an orgasm with reckless abandon. But I supposed there would be other chances.

*****Girls Watching Guys Stacey's View from Behind the Door

So here I was, having recently witnessed one of the most erotic and forbidden experiences of my life. I had spied on my brother as he masturbated in the shower, something I had never seen before. From watching him give himself a genital exam to watching him shoot his seed all over the shower glass, I saw the entire sequence of what he did to himself for the first time, and I couldn't get those graphic images out of my head. I can't tell you the amount of times I masturbated in the next few days reliving that delicious sight. Like a Von Suppe overture, I masturbated morning, noon and night! This brought about a question with perhaps the most obvious answer in the world: If the opportunity presented itself, would I want to see it again? Hell, yes! Make no mistake, I was furtively watching his every move for the next week waiting to catch him again in the act.

They say persistence pays off, but couple that with the fact that guys jerk off every single day, and it was only a matter of time before I found myself at the bathroom door watching him in all his male glory once again. Every night that week when I went to bed I could hear him in his room playing with himself, as I had heard many times in the past. He seemed more fervent and louder about it this week for some reason. I brushed it off as me being more in tune with what he did to himself after visually seeing him do it in the shower in such graphic detail.

Any great secret like this is too much too hold in, I was bursting to tell someone, and I figured why not tell my friend who had originally told me about watching her own brother in the shower? I think she thought it was cute the exuberant way I was telling her about seeing Gary, as if I were a newbie virgin at this voyeur thing. This seasoned veteran of many such viewings of her own brother couldn't help but ask if I wanted to see it again. I'm sure you can fully understand the quick and affirmative nature of my answer!

With each passing day I kept tabs on his every movement; with each time he ascended the stairs I waited with baited breath to see if he went into the shower, and time after time I came away disappointed and even more expectant and frustrated. Ironically, a really stupid show on television is what finally gave me my next opportunity. A bunch of young giggling beauties in lingerie who couldn't act were discussing guys. Glancing over at Gary, I saw the erotic nature of the scene was giving him a considerable hardon in his pants, so rather than walk off to do something more interesting, I stayed around to see the effect it had on him. Good thing I did, the scantily clad girls started talking about guys jerking off! This could not have been any better scripted for me. Several times I gazed over at him and he was making a concerted effort to not look my way. Oh the thoughts that must have been going through his head!

He began to fuss a little bit, I could see the scene on the TV was getting to him, and then he abruptly got up and started walking towards the stairs. My heart in my throat, I just had to be sure of what I thought he was about to do, and asked in as calm a voice as I could manage where he was going. He said with an equally unconvincing and shaky voice, "To take a shower."

Grand Slam! He had just inadvertently admitted that he was going to go play with himself, and I was now just moments away from watching this delicious and erotic scene play out for a second time. As soon as he disappeared upstairs, my hand found my crotch and I rubbed several quick rubs to help bleed off that growing charge in my body. Take deep breaths, Stacey, deep breaths, stay calm. Oh, the expectancy of seeing something like this, it is near impossible to keep the heart beating at anywhere near its normal rate. I impatiently sat on the sofa waiting for the shower water to start, and then counted another agonizing two minutes to make sure he was settled in before I finally made my move upstairs to view the forbidden act he was about to play upon himself.

With the water having been on for a few minutes already, I quietly reached for the key above the door, unlocked it, and quietly opened the door a crack, and you can imagine my shock when I saw the shower empty. Where was he? I angled my view a little more to my right, and to my great shock there he was, completely naked standing in front of the toilet. His flaccid little penis was in his hand, and he was lifting the toilet seat, the sudden thought raced through my mind that I was about to watch him take a piss.

To some girls this might not be a big thing, but when you're raised in as conservative a place as I was, and had never yet witnessed a guy doing this, lets just say my loins were very excited at the prospect of seeing it happen. What surprised me is how long he stood there like that, pointing his member, but with nothing coming out. I'm not sure why he had trouble getting started, but I was fine with the longer exposure it afforded me. My God! Without the shower glass to obstruct my view, I had the most clear and intimate view of his genitals. I quietly closed the door a bit more to keep from being discovered as my wide eyes took in the view of his flaccid manliness in his hands, and that wonderful loose sac that hung down, I was in heaven.

I took in every intimate detail of his male anatomy, committing every last detail to memory: The looseness of his sac, the slight hairs that grew from it. His soft, clearly circumcised penis was a wonder to behold. That round little head, no, that round helmet -- I could see now why people called it a helmet, the upper half sloped backwards further than the bottom. Without the obstruction of the shower door, I even got to marvel at the little reddish ring where he had been circumcised. This part fascinated me. Behind it the skin was more brown, and between the scar and the tip his skin was more red. And that small and vertical hole at the end of his helmet, from whence flowed all those wonderful fluids I marveled at last week. And I was moments away from seeing yet a third fluid issue forth from it.

After a much prolonged effort of standing there, he finally began to pee, and I was beside myself with how interesting it looked, this stream of water shooting out of that tiny, visible hole, while he held his little hose in his hand, pointing the water wherever he wanted it to go. For the entire time he stood there peeing, I didn't once take my eyes off the end of his dick, and the busy stream that came from it. As the flow petered out, I watched with great interest as he began to squirt a few last, short streams, and then began an extensive procedure of shaking his little hose, which bounced back and forth. Then he squeezed it multiple times. He wiped the end with a little toilet paper, squeezing it one last time and then flushed the toilet. Watching him "finish up" in this extensive way of handling himself seemed even more exciting than just watching him pee.

At the most inopportune moment possible, the phone began to ring. With the bathroom door being open, and him not actually in the shower, I was afraid he would hear it and realize the door was open. So as quickly and quietly as I could I shut the door, and hastily tiptoed off to answer it. How dare someone disturb us in our moment of glory! To make it worse it was his friend Pete asking for Gary. Quickly I processed my options, either call Gary and risk ending the show of him masturbating, or lie and say he wasn't at home. I wisely chose the latter, and when the follow up question came of did I know where he was, I harshly responded, "I have no idea where he is, you think I keep tabs on his every move?"

I'm such a convincing liar, aren't I? I had been watching his every move for the past seven days, and I wasn't about to nip the fruits of my labor in the bud by having Pete interrupt my golden moment. Hanging up the phone I ever so gingerly made my return to the bathroom door, afraid at what I may have missed out on. Opening it ever so carefully this time, in case he was still out of the shower, I was shocked to see him standing in front of the sink, now even that much closer to me, affording yet a better view. And what was this? He stood in front of the sink brushing his teeth, with a fully erect penis! Did all that handling he did when he finished peeing make him that aroused?

When he was finished he stood upright and looked at his naked self in the mirror for a good bit. With delight I took in the view of his erection, so much closer and clearer to me than last week. Oh, the shape and curve of it, the wonderful size and fullness. I marveled that I could even see the blue veins running up its length. His helmet, now perched atop a full erection looked so proud and magnificent, with a wonderful clear drop of precum leaking from that mysterious and multifaceted little hole at the end. It was incredible how close to me he was as he stood there, I could see every wonderful detail of his manliness, and it forced my hand to press against my crotch to appease my horniness.

Oh my, how for even an instant could I have forgotten that little incident which had brought me to a loud and sudden orgasm at this very door last week? After observing himself, his left hand went down and picked up one of his balls, and rolled it around in his fingers. He was giving himself another genital exam. I had stood bewildered last week at seeing him do it, and now my heart pounded as I witnessed him playing upon his obvious medical fetish once again. I couldn't help but wonder if he did this every time he masturbated. Seeing him do this right in front of the sink while the shower was running made me realize that not only was I going to see his medical exam this close and personal, but he would probably also masturbate right there in clear view as well. My finger pushed down harder yet upon my clitoris at this thought. I was fighting a losing battle.

He every so gently examined one ball for a lengthy time, and then took his other nut in his hand, feeling it in exactly the same detailed way. He then went to playing with the actual skin of the scrotum, which was particularly interesting for me to watch. Then he did what he hadn't done last time, he actually "examined" his penis. Being erect I guess it would take longer to do than if he was flaccid, but it did take a long time as he felt its entire length. He ran his finger over that little pink ring three quarters of the way up his shaft, and then began to check out his wonderful soft helmet, squeezing it multiple times. He then spread it apart, clearly opening that little pee hole up wide. Fortunately for me it bent slightly to the right when he did this, giving me a much better view of it as I stared down that hole into the darkness of his erection. Ooh, that felt so dirty to see that!

Last but not least he grabbed his balls again, turned his head away and coughed multiple times, simulating the hernia check. He seemed to get the most enjoyment out of this part of his little exam, I'm not sure why. As he finished up he seemed quite proud about himself at what he had just done, and then grabbed a bit of lotion out of the bottle on the sink. The moment of truth had come, as I awaited for him to spread it onto his erection.

He wasted no time, quickly rubbing it all over his dick and greedily stroking it back and forth. Oh, that wonderfully familiar motion of his hand that I had seen last week, but now so much closer and clearer as he stood in front of the sink. I nearly screamed when I saw him do that so close to me. He turned slightly to the right for some reason which gave me a great view of it sticking right out from his quickly stroking fist. I was speechless at the sight of this. I still am, what an image! He waved it around a few times, then quickly went back to pounding that wonderful organ of his.

I instantly recognized that he was stroking himself a lot more vigorously than last week's session. Right from the start he was stroking it hard, maybe the toothbrush up inside him made him that horny. At any rate, not being in the shower behind the glass like last week, I could see his entire package so much better, and enjoyed the motion of his full hand across his penis all the more. He was so close to me in fact, I could actually hear the sounds of him stroking himself. Whereas last week he seemed to be taking his time and enjoying it, this time he was pumping it with all he had and it quite surprised me when only a minute into his session his body began to move about and his breathing was replaced by involuntary moans and grunts.

I was shocked how quickly he came, he had just started rubbing himself maybe a minute ago at most, and here he was about to orgasm. There right in front of me, but a few feet away, I watched with wonder as his sperm shot out of that mysterious little hole, arcing high in the air in several streams and landing all over the counter top. A girl can never get tired of that sight, do it again please! He squeezed his penis and more of his cum dripped out onto the counter as well. He proudly looked over what he had created there on the counter, and then turned to take a shower, oddly leaving his deposit behind. As he turned to go into the shower I saw his butt in full view before jumping in the shower. That was a particularly wicked sight to behold.

For the second time in a week I had witnessed Gary masturbating, doing all those other interesting things as well. I was surprised how quickly he came this time and of course was blown away by how much there was. What devilish thoughts did he have in his mind when he did that? I would love to know. The show now over, I took one last fond look at his ejaculate there on the counter, and closed and locked the door before retiring to my bedroom to take care of my own problem. As might be expected my groin was sopping and aching and desperately needed my undivided attention. There on my bed I vigorously fingered myself to one quick orgasm, and then took out my vibrator for another one.

After I composed myself, I headed to the bathroom to clean up my lower regions and fingers. Upon closing the door I remembered with amazement that Gary had not cleaned up his ejaculate off the sink! There right before me in plain sight was his seed spattered all over the counter top. Frankly, he was a disgusting pervert for leaving it behind like that, but behind a locked door with nobody to see me, I paused there to look at the uniquely male fluid.

Having come in to clean up my pussy area from my own juices, I stood there in front of the sink with pants pulled down, wiping my fluids up all while looking at his own fluid lying there on the counter. It was to say the least a very interesting moment, and the irony of what I was in there to do clashing with what he had left behind was quite obvious. After cleaning up my own juices, I couldn't resist the temptation any longer, and wiped my finger across his ejaculate, just to see what it felt like. Having laid there a while it no longer held his body's warmth, and I examined it between my fingers with great interest, pulling my fingers apart to see how much it stretched. And that odor it gave off, what an unusual and pungent smell.

When he had come, I had only seen it from the side in the mirror. Now that I was right there in front of it I had a much better view, and placed myself right where he was standing when he came, trying to lineup where his penis would be as he stroked it. Standing there in front of it, I enjoyed the view of the various streams shooting out in different directions.

I had a naughty idea of cleaning up his mess for him so when he came back to do it himself he would realize it was gone, but I didn't want him to know for sure that I saw it, it would be more of an erotic mystery for him if I left it behind. So there on the counter, I left my own brother's ejaculate behind for whoever might see it next. An hour later I looked in and noticed it was all gone, he had finally cleaned his mess up. I couldn't help but enjoy the fact that he must even now be wondering if I had seen his seed. The poor boy had no idea, I hadn't just seen his cum lying on the counter, I had watched in secret the whole episode of what caused him to shoot it! Naughty boy, and equally deceptive girl, we both had our fun that day, him alone and me watching his show. Sometimes its really fun having a brother. I am really looking forward to the next time.

To be continued...

Part Four: Masturbation with a Twist

Watching my brother masturbate the first time was unforgettable, watching him the second time was priceless, waiting to watch him a third time was simply unbearable. I needed to catch him so very bad, I felt more impatient than a kid before Christmas. Instead of the sight of Gary masturbating becoming more blasé with each viewing, it was becoming more and more urgent for me to see him. I was finding that spying on him was becoming an obsession of mine, even an addiction whereby I badly needed a fix. As I lay in bed at night I could envision him standing upright, completely naked, firmly grasping that shapely erection in his fist, pumping with great fervor, knees buckling, body shaking, groans and moans emanating from him until I watched his sperm flying through the air. I so needed to see him doing it one more time, just one more time. In two weeks time, it happened again.

This third time started off innocently enough, I swear I did not set this one up at all. We found ourselves home alone for the day again, and working in my room I went to ask him a computer question. Focused on my question, I opened his door without knocking and boy were we both surprised. He was in the middle of changing his clothes, facing the door. I came in at the perfect time, his underwear was all he had to take off and as I opened the door it was slipping down to his ankles. There in front of me, facing the door, stood Gary completely naked. Unlike the previous two times I had spied on him, this was the first time we both were aware of each other's presence, and that changed the whole atmosphere dramatically for me.

The reaction on his face at having been seen like this was priceless, there was a bit of surprise, but also excitement. Though as you might imagine, I didn't look him in the eye for but a second, my eyes quickly descended to get a good view of his wonderful flaccid penis right there before me. Oddly, he didn't try to cover himself or turn away to hide his genitals from my obvious gaze. Instead he stood motionless, and it afforded me a very good view of his penis. I suppose it was much more of a gaze at his naked crotch than I had intended to give. Finally able to tear my eyes away, as I turned to leave, I told him I was sorry. He quickly and playfully replied, "No you're not."

That response caught me off guard, making me laugh and look back at him with the question, "What do you mean I'm not sorry."

"By the way you were staring at my crotch, you didn't look the least bit sorry to me."

He had me there, and I admitted as much with a smile, "You might be right about that one."

And like that the talking stopped, the world stopped, time stopped. Him standing naked before me, underpants down at his ankles, me at his bedroom door looking back at him. When I say looking at him, I mean intending to look him in the face. My eyes however found their way back down to his soft penis and balls, and for the next few moments neither of us stirred. I was getting a very good view of his package, and I found it equally amazing that he was standing there letting me.

And just like that it happened. It twitched. I saw it, it twitched. And with one twitch it became larger. The world continued to stand still, my eyes fixed on Gary's dick, him standing motionless before me, obviously enjoying the attention of his sister's eager eyes. It twitched again, and all by itself, without any help from his fingers, it began to grow on its own. And he let me watch it happen. He let me watch, what a show off! I stared intently at this growing snake with no regard for Gary himself: his growing penis was all there was in the room. The first time in the shower I had seen it grow, but the view was obstructed by the shower glass. The second time I watched him, I had missed him grow erect when I had to answer the phone. This was the first time I got to watch it grow erect up close and with an unobstructed view. This wasn't even a reflection in the mirror, this was the real thing I was looking at.

I really can't say how long this lasted, how long does it take a guy to fully erect under such conditions? But here I was standing there watching him growing erect, but soon it was at its full state, pointing boldly skyward, the wonderful helmet and hole looking up at me. He proudly stood there naked before me, clearly enjoying showing off his manhood to a female, now in its new stage of erection. I was shocked with how freely and willingly he let me watch it like this, with no hint of embarrassment or trying to cover up. I would never let him look between my legs even for a second! Guys are so different than girls. I finally looked up at him, and found him intently staring at the expression on my face as I looked at his hard on. Realizing the situation, I could merely raise my eyebrows and say, "Wow."

Throughout this minute, the impulse to run away had struggled fiercely with the impulse to stay and watch him grow erect, and only after his member had engorged to full size and I had a considerable look at it in this state did the impulse to run win out. One final lingering look down at his wonderful shape and I was headed directly downstairs to take a deep breath and collect my thoughts. It had been a very astounding and erotic moment, and I'm not sure if I even breathed that entire time. What a sight that was, him standing in front of me naked, letting me see him grow erect. All his manliness on display for me. What a flush that had come over my face, especially when I realized how he was looking at my reaction the whole time. I betrayed too much of my womanly lust of his penis to him.

I sat down in the kitchen for nearly ten minutes trying to regain my composure until the sound of running water upstairs made me realize the fun wasn't over: He had gone into the bathroom to masturbate! I have no idea if he was originally intending to go into the shower anyway or if he was just changing clothes, and being seen naked by me made him have to jack off. Then again it really didn't matter. I had just confronted him face to face while he stood there naked, watched as he grew erect, and in a matter of minutes I would be watching him playing with himself for a third time. I couldn't help but wonder if this third time he would be any more aroused in his play knowing I had just seen him like that. As I slowly unlocked and opened the bathroom door, my hopes were met: He had decided once again to masturbate outside the shower in front of the sink, where I had a perfect view of his naked body.

He was standing looking at his manliness in the mirror, it was as stiff and hard as I had yet seen it. He was obviously at a very advanced stage of arousal, due no doubt to my watching him grow a few minutes earlier. The amount of precum on his penis was amazing; not just a small drop hanging half out of his pee hole, but a long wet stream ran halfway down the penis. There he stood admiring the way it worked its way down his shaft. Gary obviously was very interested with the image of how he looked when he was erect, several times now I had seen him looking at it this way for long stretches. Precum continued to ooze from his dick, and I don't know if him or I were looking at this scene more intently.

As he stood there like this, I began to wonder what his next move would be. Would he take a pee? Could he even pee with an erection like that? Would he do his little genital exam fetish on himself again? And oh, was he going to stick that toothbrush up his butt again? Or was he so ridiculously horny at this point, with all this precum oozing out, that he just had to take it in his hand and get to masturbating? While I was a bit sad that he didn't pee, and didn't give himself a doctor's exam, and completely ignored his toothbrush, I did not go away disappointed.

Lotion put on hand, hand was quickly put on dick and he began to stroke it with great speed. God was he ever turned on! The mere fact that I had seen him naked like that in his bedroom was enough for him to skip his normal foreplay games and go straight into his furious stroking. The squishing sound of his hand going up and down his shaft was ridiculously loud, and it was instantly joined by loud gasps and moans from him. Within a minute he had an absolutely furious orgasm, more intense than his other two I had witnessed. He had great trouble standing during it, and made the most incredible and painful grunts. Delightful! Sperm flew high into the air, far higher and in much greater quantity than the last time I watched, and was sprayed all over the counter top. The first stream of semen made it all the way to the mirror and dripped down. That was impressive to see.

As he stood there like that for a moment, supporting himself with his arms, I admired his white man spray all over the sink, and could not but feel flattered that I was solely responsible for his incredible response there in the bathroom. Standing naked in front of his sister for just one minute had caused him to get so ridiculously horny that he had a quick and furious orgasm. Whatever embarrassment I may have felt as I stood in his bedroom doorway face to face watching him naked was quickly replaced by a feeling of ultimate satisfaction. He was so incredibly turned on by me seeing him naked, and that made me feel really special, I have to say. For a moment I felt a special bond with him, and wanted to open the door, give his naked body a big hug, and let him know I enjoyed this just as much as he did.

All those bubbly feelings I had for him in that brief instant quickly vanished with what I saw him do next. He reached for and picked up an object on the sink that I had hitherto missed, being so focused on the precum dripping down his dick. Just like that my heart wound up in my throat, and the biggest feeling of embarrassment I ever experienced came over me. I surely thought I would die from embarrassment right there, I turned an even deeper shade of red then I had at my first gyno exam. In his hand he held a long round silver object, tapered at the end. He had my vibrator in his hand! My own private, secret toy. The one nobody else in the whole world even knew about. What the fuck!

I was frozen in place as I realized this, filled with outrage and disbelief and ultimate disgrace. The emotions were flying around and bouncing off the inside of my head, for a moment I didn't know what to think or how to feel, I was too in shock at the sight before me. My face continued to turn thousands of shades of red, I'm certain of it. That lousy bastard was rummaging through my things. He had been in my panty drawer, and found my vibrator in the back. And now he had it in his hand in the bathroom. Why on earth did he bring it into the bathroom with him, and why was he holding it only after he had shot his load?

If it wasn't for the curious nature of this last question, I would have burst through the door and slugged him one, the dirty little prick. But for some reason my curiosity made me pause for a second as I began to wonder what he had in mind that he should pick up the vibrator only after he had cum. He held it up to get a good look at it, turning it about and checking out every last bit of it. He was enjoying the view of that most intimate of my toys that had rubbed all my most private areas, and I knew those very thoughts must be going through his head. If he didn't know I masturbated before, now he had irrefutable proof. And his gaze upon the toy showed his brain envisioning exactly how it was used on me down there. How humiliating. It's one thing to spy on a guy when he's masturbating, but it's a whole other world when things are reversed and he has my own toy in his hand.

I suppose a description of my vibrator is in order, for the sexually curious out there, it was your typical old fashion silver vibe, smooth and straight in nature, not shaped at all like a penis. Not a bullet vibe by any means, it was a full sized one, even a little on the big end. I had bought it because it was a particularly wide one. I enjoy the idea of being stretched when I insert it, but then I've just admitted more than I wanted to. It was just your typical old fashion straight up vibe, and it had served me well through many hours of solo play. My only saving grace at the moment is that Gary had no idea just how frequently I used it.

But again, what was he doing picking up my vibe only after he had jerked off? I would have thought it would have become part of his sex play while he masturbated. And then the idea dawned on me. Was he horny enough to actually masturbate two consecutive times? A quick look down to his dick showed it still half hard, softened yes, but still sticking mostly straight ahead at three quarters size, some cum still hanging off the end. It was in limbo whether to go to sleep or get turned on by what its master had found. It didn't take long before I had my answer, as he continued to observe my vibrator closely, even pushing it through his fingers like it was being inserted (into my vagina no doubt!). His little man began once again to stand at attention at the idea of the vibrator being penetrated into certain orifices of mine.

It was a very embarrassing situation still, but I couldn't help but imagine the erotic imagery that must be going through his mind while doing this. It became obvious that by pushing the vibe through the round hole he made with his fingers, he was imagining it going in and out of my own vagina, because shortly after this his hand went down to his pubic bone, and he mimicked with his middle finger the circular motion of a girl rubbing on her clit. It was interesting watching a guy do that, pretending how a girl did it. But he was envisioning it was how I masturbated, and again I was very embarrassed. In fairness, I guess he had every right to be curious, I had been curious enough to actually spy on him doing it.

His penis was now somehow fully engorged again and pointing skyward, mere minutes after it had exploded with cum. Even as his sperm lay there still warm on the sink, he was obviously ready to play with himself a second time. I was getting a bonus showing this time around, and with some added flavor, he'd somehow be playing around with my vibrator while he did it. But how would he use it on himself? He surely couldn't have just brought it into the bathroom to look at it. With a twist of his hand, suddenly my vibe came to life, and I heard its slight and secretive vibrations. At once I felt the most unusual feeling of jealousy. It was my own private toy, and it was the first time it had ever serviced another person's fancy. The mere purring sound it made, so familiar to me in my own play, made my loins moisten rapidly.

He put it down for a moment, and reached into the shower to turn off the water that had been running. At first I was afraid this was the end of his jacking session, but he picked up the vibe once again and turned it back on. Without the sound of the running water interfering, the sound of its vibrations was so much louder and erotic. Still I felt my toy was cheating on me, and at the same time was enjoying that fact. Vibrating toy in hand, incredibly erect dick, with some left over cum still dribbling out his dick, it was an obvious union, and soon my little toy was put against the underside of his penis.

The look on his face at the contact was priceless. I really had no idea how guys might masturbate using a vibrator, but there he stood with it firmly pressed against the underside of his dick, standing almost motionless for the next two minutes, occasional noises coming from him. With the water now off, I could hear every little sound and exaggerated breath, he was but four feet from me. The proximity was exquisite. I was quite relishing the sight of him masturbating like this, and found it fascinating that a guy could use a vibrator too. His eyes were now closed and his hips slowly began to move as the feeling of the vibrations turned him on more. He was whimpering now, almost uncontrollably. A mixture of left over cum from his orgasm, and precum from the current vibrations slowly oozed out of his hole, which was a sight to see.

It took me a minute to realize my fingers were now very busily masturbating myself outside the door. Without the water running, and consequently hearing every breath of his, I had to try and be as deathly quite during my own masturbation so I did not give myself away. But rub away I did with very little self control, as my brother stood there masturbating for the second time in five minutes, with my own vibrator against his dick.

He held my vibrator now against the tip of his dick, I guess he liked the way the vibrations felt that way, and it almost seemed like it was too sensitive for him to take for long, but I looked on at the amazingly dirty sight as my brother's cum and precum were smeared onto my vibrator in this fashion. This was the first time my vibe had ever tasted man fluid before. And with that nasty thought my first orgasm came. So close to him, I don't know how he couldn't have heard me. I tried to be as very quiet as I could, but while one can suppress a moan or grunt, an orgasmic breath cannot be held back. I have to imagine he heard me and knew I was on the other side of the door watching him play with my vibrator. If he did realize it, he didn't let on, he kept my toy firmly against the end of his penis and continued to moan, even whispering, "Oh God." a few times.

I suppose the feeling was too intense, because he soon took it away and put it on his balls. I've had a boyfriend tell me that rubbing the tip of his penis against his hand creates an overly sensitive feeling in his butt of all things, and even makes him pee. If Gary is built the same way, he didn't pee, but then with how hard he was, and how much precum must have been blocking the urethra, I don't think it was possible for him to do that at the current time. For the next two minutes he held my vibrator against his balls, and slowly stroked his dick. It looked quite interesting watching him masturbate with his hand with the added feeling the vibe was giving to his balls. A look up at his face showed he was enjoying this way a little more then just standard stroking with the hand alone.

I suppose I should have been anticipating or expecting the next phase, but it quite took me by surprise. He took the vibrator behind his back, and began to point it to that forbidden hole on his backside. Was he going to insert that thing into his butt? Yes, he was. I have mentioned how my vibe is a particularly wide one, so the idea of him fitting it up that tight hole back there was shocking. I almost believed he wouldn't be able to do it.

He grunted a little deeper in nature when he first tried to push it inside him, it was a much different sound than I had heard him make previously. Maybe he wasn't used to being stretched like that, especially that first moment of penetration. The look on his face was one of considerable and obvious discomfort, and even embarrassment. Yes, come to think of it, standing there all by himself his face was growing flush with embarrassment at what he was doing to himself. A clear mixture of embarrassment and even a little pain as he stretched his opening slowly to accept my vibrator in his ass. May I say virgin ass? Because that was the impression I was getting. Not virgin to a toothbrush of course, but surely virgin to something this wide.

Eventually I could tell when the tapered part was finally fully inserted, and his butt was stretched to the maximum, he stood there for a minute a bit wide eyed, taking in how it felt to be stretched back there like that. He continued to grunt in this almost unpleasant fashion as he pushed my vibe ever so slowly into him. He didn't want to just put it in a little, he was working at putting this thing in all the way! Oh god, the image of my vibrator so very deep in his ass. The same vibrating object that had massaged my clitoris to countless orgasms, and spent countless hours inside my own vagina was now stuffed up his butt. I would call this anal play of his disgusting, except in fairness this wonderful object had spent considerable time up my own butt as well. That unique look on his face during the insertion was very similar to the one on my own when I did that same thing in my bed. How's that for a mental picture!

After a while of watching him put my vibrator in his ass, my disgust at him taking my toy slowly faded, and was replaced by a growing lust to see what he was doing with it. Like his toothbrush two weeks ago, he slowly moved it in and out several times to enjoy the sensation. Then he put it deep inside him again and held it there. Suddenly he gave a high pitched grunt, sharp in nature, almost surprised. It was followed by another one, these were new and urgent sounds of pleasure he was making, it was completely new to me. As he did this the look on his face went from discomfort at being stretched to surprise at what the vibrator was contacting. Then I suddenly remembered about his prostate. He was pushing my vibrator up against his prostate! Oh the incredible look on his face as it vibrated itself against that hidden organ. I only wish I knew what that felt like, his expression was simply amazing.

Never having penetrated a guy's butt in anyway myself, or discussed prostate play with them, I really had no idea how it felt to be touched or pressed, and certainly had no idea what it must be like to have a vibrator doing its magical thing against that gland. I had to see just what that was like for him. Later that night, this very same vibrator found its way deep inside my own butt, as I imagined it rubbing against my imaginary prostate, thought I could only guess at what that felt like.

What a view there was before me, my vibrator shoved up my naked brother's ass, as he pushed it against his prostate. He was no longer just holding it there for the sensations, I could see he was pressing it against it, back and forth, and looking at the tip of his penis I realized why. I had heard the term "milking the prostate" but never knew quite what it meant. Now I understood, I stood there jaw agape as this white milky fluid was pushed up into his penis and drop by drop came out the tip of his dick and began dribbling down the underside of it. Gary was watching this in the mirror just like me, I imagine he was just as curious at seeing it leak out like this.

Still his urgent grunts continued, it was obvious it was an extremely sharp pleasure to be pressed on like that, perhaps a bit too sensitive, but we both watched in amazement as this prostate fluid continued to slowly ooze out his hole. My heart was beating a mile a minute at the scene before me, and with my fingers once again incredibly busy between my legs, I couldn't help it as my second orgasm came over me. Again I tried to be as quiet as I could but I was certain Gary must have heard it. In his current state of pleasure he obviously wouldn't have cared if one of our parents walked in on him at that moment, he was past the point of no return.

But still, I'm sure he heard my slight gasps as I orgasmed, because immediately afterwards, like a jolt going through his own body, he could take no more. His other hand once again found his cock, and while my vibrator was deep up his ass, he began to masturbate furiously, and I do mean furiously. As heavily as he had gone at it earlier, his hand was an absolute blur. He was moaning and whining and grunting, making all manner of absolutely desperate and wonderful noises to this female's ears. For the next thirty seconds he was in this furious state of absolute delight until at last he was delivered by his second orgasm in half an hour.

With my vibrator up his butt and his hand going like mad, when orgasm hit he could hardly stand up during it, and the loudness of his orgasm was so dramatic, had I been out back on the patio I still would have heard him. One enormously long spurt of semen flew from him, very generous in amount, and it was followed by a copious oozing of his ejaculate out of his hole. The rest really didn't fly by flowed rapidly out. This orgasm lasted considerably longer than the previous one, and the fluid continued to come out much longer. I'd have thought he'd have used most of his stuff up the first time, but this one was clearly the better feeling of the two for him, and lasted much longer. I wonder if my vibrator can take credit for this, as it probed his ass and massaged his prostate while he came. I still get goose bumps thinking about this.

He was physically spent after this second orgasm, it was obvious by his posture as it was hard for him to stand. He had even reached back to turn off the vibrator, though he didn't have the energy to take it out. He just stood there, barely stood there, hunched over the counter trying to keep his balance and enjoy the fading glow. There on the counter top I enjoyed the view of his new semen mixed with the streams from his first orgasm. That my brother had masturbated twice in rapid succession, and done so while using my vibrator which he stole, I couldn't take anymore of this peeking. As I retired from my hiding spot, I didn't even bother to close the door this time, much less lock it. He had obviously heard me having orgasms right outside the door, so my game was clearly up.

He knew I was spying on him do all these nasty things to himself, and it hit me like a wave that even though he had heard me orgasming on the other side of the door, it only made him all the more hornier being watched like that. I decided against going into my bedroom to masturbate like past times, I knew he had to return my toy, so instead I went into the downstairs bathroom and fingered myself to a quick third orgasm. Of all the orgasms he may or may not have heard over the last few weeks from my watching him, this was the first one where I made sure I made plenty of noise. In a rare moment, I wanted him to hear me masturbating, it just seemed such an erotic thing. I guess I wanted him to know how turned on I was at the sight of what he had been doing to himself with my vibrator, that I had to go orgasm a third time in the downstairs bathroom really loud. I guess there's a little exhibitionist in us all, even us shy ones.

Like a perfect gentlemen (if a brother that goes into your panty draw to steal your vibrator and ram it up his ass while he knows your watching him qualifies as a gentleman), Gary cleaned up my vibrator very well, went into my bedroom and returned it to its rightful place under my panties with everything remaining in perfect order as if he hadn't even been there. Of the three times I had spied on him, this was clearly the most amazing of the three. They say the first time is always the one most remembered, but this day lives with me and I think about it nearly every time I use my vibe. When I use it, I think: This wide little thing was shoved up Gary's butt. He used it to rub his prostate. And like that it disappears into my pussy for a wild orgasm.

Three orgasms from watching him play with my vibrator, that night I did it in my bed two more times, one with that very same vibrator inside my vagina, and a second time deep in my ass, pretending I was pressing on my prostate. While I was normally silent in my bed when I came, I'm absolutely certain he heard both my orgasms that night. I'm sure he knew I was using the vibrator, so I wonder what was going through his mind, imagining that toy that was up his butt hours earlier, now in my own hands, wondering if it was being put up any of my own holes. Could he even imagine that I was sticking it up my own butt? Clitoris quite raw, vagina and ass well stretched and used up, let me assure you this horny girl slipped into a very pleasant sleep.

********Girls Watching Guys Gary's Side of the Coin

And just like that, she walked in without knocking, at the most perfect moment, just as my underpants were sliding down to my ankles leaving me stark naked. Instantly seizing upon the moment, I dared not move or hide or cover up, letting her see what she might see. What a fabulous moment knowing we were face to face like that as she looked me over! Those two times doing all those things in the bathroom, I pretended like I didn't know she was there, and we never made eye contact. Now I was naked seeing her standing there before me looking curiously at my crotch, and I felt like an anatomy lesson she was eyeing hungrily.

Actually getting to see her looking down at my crotch with interest was electric. The uncontrollable way in which she stared, I thought a female would be able to show greater restraint. Her very focused expression while watching me grow to attention was equally amazing to watch. She was riveted by the sight of the male member growing to size and pointing upward, she stared at it growing like a person who had never seen a dick do that before. It was quite an experience to realize that her merely looking at my naked genitals was what caused me to grow erect that quickly, without the slightest bit of physical contact. Her inquisitive and lustful eyes alone had done that.

When she got her eyeful at what she had created and finally walked away, with the erection I had it was quite obvious to both of us that I was going to go show off for her in the bathroom once again. But you must be wondering, why did I do the vibrator thing? Why did I do it so she could see me using her secret toy? For one thing, she wasn't going to tell our parents I was going through her panty drawer, because I could just as well tell them she had been spying on me in the bathroom. Feeling confident on that front, it left me with the opportunity to let her see me playing with her most personal possession. I wanted to know what kind of effect it would have on her seeing her little secret in my hand, and being used for my own pleasure. To let her know I knew she masturbated.

How did I come across her vibrator in the first place? Lets be honest for a moment folks, young men are ridiculously horny and extremely curious about anything female in nature, not the least of which is her bra, panties, and any other hidden secrets she might have lying around. What horny young man hasn't rifled through his sister's room, shuffling through her underwear drawer and found all her secret things? Let he who has not done this cast the first stone. That's what I thought, I don't see any stones flying. Bottom line for all you girls with brothers, trust me, your brother has definitely gone through all your panties and bras, and if you have a vibrator or dildo hidden somewhere in your room, you can be absolutely certain that your pesky brother knows about it, has seen it, has turned it on, and even used it on himself a few times. What's this, are you blushing?

I had originally intended to let her see me using her toy on my dick and balls, but because of her standing at my doorway watching with great interest as I grew erect, I was so overcome with horniness that the second she opened the bathroom door I at once set to masturbating with my hands. One very quick and powerful orgasm ensued, which I hope she enjoyed, I was even a bit surprised at how quickly it happened. When I regained my senses, I realized her vibrator was still there on the sink beside me, unused. Lest she think I was done with my solo play and leave, I quickly picked it up so she could realize with horror that I knew about her dirty little secret. Holding it my hands, I let her know beyond any doubt that I was fully aware that she masturbated too, and that she used a large silver vibrator to do it with.

I can only imagine waves of shock and embarrassment that came over her when I presented her with the evidence. It may sound like a cruel trick by a brother, but considering that she had spied on me jerking off, this was well within the established rules she had written over the past month. I was merely returning the favor so to speak. I could only wonder at the time if through all the embarrassment of seeing me holding her secret toy, if she was just a little bit tingly down there at the fact that I knew she masturbated. I wondered if she was curious at what must be going through my mind as I looked at her toy. Did she wonder at the mental picture I might have of what it must look like when she put it on her clit, or stuffed it in her hole, or how she looked when it gave her an orgasm?

How long did I know she had a vibrator? Oh, I would say about a year. And did I take it out of her drawer a lot to look at it? Really silly question. The only limiting factor was that I could only use it when I was home alone, I couldn't risk anyone in the house catching me going into her panty drawer, there would be no way to explain away that one! Just turning it on and hearing that buzzing noise, and knowing it did that solely to stimulate her clitoris made for great masturbation material. I would sometimes put it on my dick, usually when it was still soft, and have her toy give me an erection. I would also jerk off with my hand while having it touch my balls, that feels quite erotic.

Had I ever put it up my butt before? I blush as I answer that this was the first time. Aside from thin pens and my toothbrush (you do remember that one?), I had never put anything big up there before. Why I did it, I don't really know. I think I was out to shock her as much as anything, and once I reached back there and put it against my butt hole, there was no turning back. Having never had anything that wide up there, it was quite an uncomfortable few moments let me tell you! If she hadn't been watching I probably would have stopped at the beginning. But I figured she'd probably be interested at the expression on my face as I was being stretched like that. And, of course, it was fun to do because it was something new. The fact that it was vibrating as I inserted it also was a new sensation that I wanted more of.

Doing this with something that size is the perfect combination of discomfort and pleasure, though I found myself taking deep breaths to offset that uncomfortable feeling. As it vibrated I ever so slowly worked it in more and more until it was in me a good way. Oh the feeling of it vibrating away like that was incredible. Knowing she was watching me do that only doubled the pleasure of the moment. What must be going through her mind? And of course when I put it in deeply enough, I found my magical spot, the prostate. I had rubbed on it a few times before, but never with something this big, and certainly with nothing that was vibrating. What an absolutely intense feeling that brought, it was almost too much sensation. Between that and the feeling of being full back there, I couldn't help but let out some uncontrollable grunts.

Stacey having seen me do everything else to myself over the last few weeks, from peeing, to genital exam, to growing hard, stroking, stuffing things up my butt and watching me shoot, there was only one thing she hadn't yet seen, and that was fluid leaking out the tip of my penis as I pressed the vibrator down on my prostate. Getting a firm grip of the vibe, I pushed it rather stiffly against my gland, despite the too intense feeling that created, and watched the tip of my penis just like she must have been doing, as the prostate fluid slowly oozed out, without any stroking of my dick.

I very simply could not take anymore of these incredible sensations. True I had just orgasmed, but between her standing at my door staring at me growing erect, and her watching me stuff her own vibrator up my butt, I needed to get off again. So while her vibe did its thing to me back there, I stroked away with my free hand furiously, making sure to keep the vibe pressed against my prostate as I came. Let me tell you, there is no more intense orgasm for a guy than that. I really don't know how I managed to stay on my feet as it hit me.

Collecting myself and pulling out the vibrator, I admired my dual load of semen on the counter, and once again decided to leave it there for her to see. At this point I heard her rushing down the stairs, and glancing at the door, I realized she hadn't only forgot to lock it, but didn't even bother closing the door. Hearing her enter the bathroom right downstairs from me, I realized what she was up to, and bent an ear to hear her getting herself off. She was not the least bit quiet about it, I don't know if it was by intention or she was so horny from watching me do that with her vibrator that she couldn't help herself, but what a wonderful series of sounds she made as she approached and reached orgasm.

I cleaned up her vibe real well, cleaned myself up as well, and leaving my ejaculate on the counter for her, snuck back into her bedroom and carefully put her vibe away. As it turned out, I wound up totally forgetting that I left my cum all over the counter for her. I had intended to clean it up before our parents got home, but much later that evening lying in bed I realized with horror that I forgot about it. Going straight to the bathroom I saw with horror that the counter top was completely cleaned off. I still to this day do not know how many saw it, or who actually cleaned it up, but nobody ever said anything. I just know it wasn't me.

That night in bed, Stacey masturbated again, but this time unusually loud. I heard her have two orgasms, and they both sounded quite differently. I'm absolutely certain she was using her vibe, having seen me using it earlier in the day, and I wonder by the difference in sounds she made if she was filling her hole with it the second time. It was an infinitely erotic thought to know she had seen me masturbate with her vibe against my prostate, and then had stuck it inside her own hole that very night as well. To this day I still masturbate thinking about that afternoon, as she watched me whip out her secret toy and use it on myself. I tend to think she probably remembers the scene fondly as well.


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