Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Company physical exam

I was recently out of school, and started working for a small company. The company had just announced that they would start providing health insurance for its employees. As part of the process, everyone had to have a full physical before their coverage would start. To ensure that everyone received a physical, the company had the insurance company come to our site to conduct the physicals.

There was a sign up sheet at our front desk for employees to select a time. All physicals were to be done on one day. I noted that there were two doctors that we could choose from, one male and one female. I signed up for the male doctor, Dr John Smith. Since it was going to be a full physical, I wanted a male to do it. I'd never actually had a full physical, since I didn't play sports in school, but I had heard stories.

I also chose the last time slot of the day. I figured that once my physical was done I could leave, and no one would miss me. I was hoping that it would be over quickly, and I could leave early that day.

So the day arrived, and at my alloted time I headed to the conference rooms that they were using for the physicals. They were using two conference rooms, which were right across the hall from each other. When I arrived, I was informed that they were a bit behind schedule. The person ahead of me had just gone in, so I would either have to wait, or go back to work and check back later. I chose to wait.

As I was waiting, I noticed a girl come out from one of the rooms. Her name was Anna, and she went to school with my younger sister. She had a crush on me at one point, but she was very bosy and overbearing in my opinion, so I never really gave her much attention. She had done some growing up I noticed, and was quite attractive. As she came out to where I was sitting, she noticed me.

"Hi Ryan! Long time no see."

"Hi Anna. Yeah, it's been a while. What are you doing here?"

"Well, the insurance company sent the doctors to do the physicals, but they brought in some local nursing students to help out with the paperwork and other stuff. Are you here for a physical?" She looked down at her clipboard as she asked that. "Yep, here you are, next on the list. It shouldn'g be long now. Brenda is finishing up with the person before you."

"Brenda? I signed up with a Dr John Smith."

"Dr Smith couldn't make it, and Brenda is his replacement. I'll let her know that you're here and ready."

CRAP! was all I could think. I did not want to have a female doctor do my physical. That's why I signed up with the male doctor. But now it seemed like I didn't have a choice. I couldn't refuse the physical, as I'd probably lose my job.

After a few minutes, the door re-opened and Anna came out with a girl named Kelly. She worked in accounting, and was possibly the hottest female at work. Every guy noticed when she walked into a room.

Anna and Kelly said goodbye, and Anna came up to me. "Ok Ryan, it's your turn. Follow me please."

I followed her into the conference room on the left. "This is Brenda."

"Hi" I said.

"Hi, I'm Brenda. I'll be conducting your physical today."

"I had signed up with Dr Smith. Do you know why he couldn't make it?"

"No, I'm not sure, but rest assured, I'll take good care of you." She said that with a very pretty smile. "I'm a nurse practitioner, not a doctor, so I like to think I have better bedside manners." As she said that, she reached out her hand. I shook her hand, which was very soft and warm to the touch.

It was then I noticed that Anna had closed the door behind her, and that she was staying in the room.

"You've already met Anna I see. She'll be assisting me with your physical." Again, my stomach sank. It was bad enough that I had to have a female doctor do the examination, but now this girl that I'd known for years was also going to be in the room.

"If you could please remove your shirt, shoes and pants, we'll get started."

The conference room table had been pushed against the far wall in orde to make room for an examination table that was placed in the center of the room, facing the doorway. I took off my shoes and placed them in the corner, next to a chair. I then pulled my shirt off over my head, keeping my back to Brenda and Anna. I laid the shirt across the back of the chair. I then undid my pants, and slid them down and off my legs, placing it on the chair as well. Standing in just my socks and briefs, I turned and faced the two females.

"Ok then, step onto this scale so that Anna can get your height and weight." I did as instructed, keeping my hands in front of my genitals. I wanted to try and cover up the bulge as much as possible.

After Anna took my height and weight, she had me sit on the end of the examination table. Anna then took my blood pressure and checked my heart rate. The next parts of the examine seemed pretty routine. Brenda listened to my heart and lungs, checked my reflexes, looked in my ears and down my throat. Each time she did it, she had Anna repeat what she had done.

"Ok, please lay back down onto the table." Again, I did as instructed. "I'm going to check a few things in your abdomen, so let me know if anything I do hurts, Ok?"

"Yes ma'am" was all I could muster.

Brenda starting pushing her fingers into my stomach in various locations. Nothing hurt, but there were a few places that were ticklish. "Anna, can you please annotate that Ryan here is a bit ticklish in spots." Again, she said this with a grin on her face.

After Brenda finished, she had Anna do the same thing. "Ryan, I hope you don't mind Anna repeating the examination, but this is a great oppurtunity for hands on learning for her."

"Yeah, I guess it's ok." I wasn't thinking ahead at this point. I should have known that if Brenda was having Anna do these parts of the exam, she was probably going to have her do the upcoming parts too.

"Ok, I think we're finished with that section of the exam. Ryan, if you could please hop off the table and stand in front of me." As she said that, she pulled out a small stool for her to sit on. Anna had her hands on my back and side and guided me to a standing position right in front of Brenda. This was the part that I was scared of, but knew was going to happen. I knew that in just a moment, I was going to be completely exposed to two females, one of whom was a friend of my sister's.

I had no idea how my body was going to react. Would my penis shrivel up and hide? That would be so embarrassing. Or would I get an erection? That too would be embarrassing. Just standing there in my briefs was embarrassing enough, but to be fully exposed.... my mind was racing.

Brenda noticed that I seemed nervious. "Ryan, it's ok. You don't need to be so nervious. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. I've seen many naked males, and Anna... well, she'll see a lot too in her career. Now, I'm going to slide your briefs down your legs. I want you to step out of them once they are down to your ankles. Ok?"

I could only nod my head yes. Brenda reached up, grabbed the elastic band of my shorts, and slowly pulled them down. As she did this, I noticed Anna move to her side. I presumed she wanted to get a better look. All those years when she had a crush on me, she was now going to get to see what I looked like naked.

I was a bit relieved that my penis did not shrivel up into nothing, nor was it jutting out lewdly in an erection. It stayed in its normal flaccid state, and I hoped that it would stay that way.

Once Brenda had my briefs down to my ankles, I stepped out of them. She handed them to Anna, who put them with the rest of my clothes. Brenda then began her examination.

"Ok, I'm going to lift up your penis so that I can examine your testicles, ok?"

I nodded ok.

With the shaft of my penis now in her hand, I could feel the excitement starting to build within my groin. She started manipultating my testicles, and gave me the 'please turn and cough' instructions. She did this twice on each testicle.

When she was done, she released my penis, which was a bit swollen from being in her hand.

"Ok Anna. Your turn." Anna took her place on the stool.

"Now, just a reminder Anna, be very gently with the penis and testicles. The last thing you want to do is cause any pain with your subject. You're going to want to place your fingers here when you check for a hernia." Brenda showed Anna just were to put her fingers. I now had four hands touching me, and my excitment was starting to show.

"Ryan, it's very natural for a male to become excited or aroused during this examination. Please don't fight the feeling... let it happen. Neither Anna or I will be embarrassed. In fact, women take it as a compliment if a male gets excited at this stage of the examination."

I decided to take her advice, and just let it go. I closed my eyes and let myself enjoy the feeling of them manipulating my penis and testicles.

I am circumsized, but there is still quite a bit of foreskin on my penis. It is enough to cover the head, at least until I start to get an erection. Once an erection starts, the foreskin will start to pull back and reveal the head. As I began to feel my erection grow, I heard Anna gasp.

"Oh my" Brenda commented.

I looked down to see them now examining my penis, which was swelling up. I should note that the head of my penis is a very dark redish/purple color. With my erection growing, the head was now starting to appear as my foreskin gave way. Both Brenda and Anna were surprised by the color.

"Ryan, are your glans normally this color?" Brenda asked.

"Yes, they are. Is there something wrong?"

"No, I don't think so. I've just never seen glans this dark in color, especially on someone as fair skin as you. If I didn't know better, I'd almost think that you had been beating it to make it so red and dark."

"Anna, can you pull back his foreskin as far as it will go? Be careful not to hurt Ryan. That's it... pull it all the way back. I want to see if his glans are all that color."

Anna did as instructed, pulling my foreskin back to reveal the entire head of my penis. The head is also quite large, compared to the shaft, and the edge of the head protrudes out considerably. Because of this, my head is very sensitive, and when I masturbate, it usually doesn't take long for me to cum.

"This is amazing! I've never seen glans quite like yours Ryan. The color...the shape.. the size. You are very unique!"

By this time my erection was almost full. My penis was jutting out straight from my body, pointing right at Anna's pretty face. No longer did Anna need to hold my foreskin back to expose my glans, as it was pulled back fully.

"Anna, can you please go get Dr. Black. I want to check something with her." With that Anna, went to get the other doctor. "Don't worry Ryan. I don't think anything is wrong, but I do want to get Dr Black's opinion. You don't mind, do you?"

"No, I guess not. As long as you think I'm ok."

"Of course I think you're ok. But since I've never seen anything like your penis, I just want to make sure."

It was then I noticed that Anna hadn't closed the door when she left. The door was about half open, and I could see the door to the conference room across the hall. Anna had her head sticking in the door, and I presumed that she was talking to the doctor. I then saw Anna step back and turn around back toward Brenda and I.

Anna re-entered the room, opening the door fully. Next I saw another woman exit the room across the hall, and come in.

"Yes, Brenda, what can I.... oh my!!"

"Dr Black, this is Ryan, and I wanted to get your opinion on his glans. As you can see, they are a very deep redish and purple color. Ryan tells me that this is the normal color. As he is fair skinned, the color is very prominent. I wondered if you had ever seen anything like this before."

"No Brenda, I can safely say that I've never seen a penis quite like this before. Oh, excuse me Ryan... I'm Dr Black. It's very nice to meet you."

She shook my hand. "Do you mind if I take a closer look?"

"No ma'am."

Dr Black took a seat on the stool and began to examine my penis. She took a hold of my shaft with one hand, and with the other began squeezing the head.

"Is there any pain when I do this?"

"No ma'am. It feels good actually."

"Brenda, please annotate this in Ryan's file. I want a good record, and something that I can come back to for reference."

"Thank you Ryan for letting me have a look."

Dr Black then got up off the stool to leave. Anna had left the door open, and I now saw Kelly standing in the doorway. Her mouth was gaped wide open. Dr Black excused herself and went back across to the other room. Kelly was just staring at my erection.

"I'm sorry to intrude, but I think I left my phone in this room. Has anyone seen it?"

Sure enough, her phone was sitting on a chair on the other side of the room. She crossed over and picked it up, never taking her eyes off me.

"What do yout think" asked Anna.

"I've never seen one like it" Kelly replied. "What did you do to make it that color?"

"He says that's the normal color. I like it. And I also like how the head flares out away from the shaft." Anna and Kelly were now having a conversation about me, with me standing there.

"Ok ladies," Brenda interupted. "We still have an exam to finish here."

With that, Kelly left, but she did not close the door behind her. I had now been seen naked by four different women, and I was so turned on by that. And to think that I wanted to be examined by a guy.... I knew now that I was throughly enjoying being on display. I didn't say anything to Brenda or Anna about closing the door. I actually was hoping that another female might walk by and look in.

"Ok, shall we continue. I think we only have one more thing to check. Ryan, I'm going to do a prostate exam next. Do you know what that is?"

"No, can you please explain it to me?"

"Sure Ryan. I'm going to have you get back onto the examination table. Lay down on your back... good. Now I'm going to extend these pieces of the table out, and I want you to put your legs into them. Great!"

"Next, I'm going to lubricate my fingers and your anus. I'll need to put my fingers in you to touch and examine your prostate. Has anyone ever done this to you before?"

"No ma'am. Will it hurt?"

"It shouldn't hurt, as long as you stay relexed and don't tighten your muscles."

With that, Brenda inserted a finger into my anus. The feeling was very strong. Not painful, just strange. I let out a gasp. Brenda quickly removed her finger.

"Did that hurt Ryan?"

"No... it just felt weird."

"Ok then, I'm going to reinsert my finger. If you have any more weird feelings, let us know."

She reinserted her finger, and started moving around inside me. I looked down to watch what she was doing, and noticed that my penis was getting even harder. I couldn't believe that was possible, but it was. Soon, pre-cum began to ooze out of the slit at the end of my glans.

Anna noticed it too. "Brenda, there is seminal fluid beginning to leak out."

"That's normal, Anna. Ryan, if you're beginning to leak seminal fluid, that's a good indication that you're nearing an orgasm. Do you feel like you might ejaculate soon?"

"Yes, Brenda. I think I might." Actually, I was wondering why I hadn't already exploded. In the past hour, I've had four women look at my naked body, three women have held my penis and testicles, and one of them now had two fingers inside my anus, and was massaging my prostate. I was definately ready to release the pressure building up inside me.

"Anna, please get a sample jar ready. Ryan, I need you to let Anna know when you are about to ejaculate. Anna, when Ryan let's you know, I want you to catch his ejaculate into the sample jar. I want to collect a semen sample from you, so we might as well use this oppurtunity."

Brenda continued to move her fingers around inside me. I so wanted to grab a hold of my penis and stroke it, but I thought that might be too forward. I was willing to let both females do what ever it took so that they could get a semen sample from me.

"Are you getting closer Ryan?" Brenda asked.

"Yes... very close now..." I was having a hard time speaking at this point. "Very close.... I can.... feel it... building up...." I looked down and saw my pre-cum actually flowing out of my slit. Usually I dribbled a little right before I would cum, but this time it was actully flowing out. "Oh God... get ready... Anna... I'm.... gonna.... cum.... ooooohhhhhh!!!"

With that Anna placed the sample jar in front of my penis. However, my hips were started to buck wildly, due to Brenda's manipulation of my prostate and the impending explosion of cum I was about to release.

"Anna, grab hold of his penis and direct his ejaculation into the jar. If you don't, he's going to spray all over the place" Brenda shouted.

And then it happened. My orgasm started, and I began shooting my sperm into the jar. My hips were thrusting hard against Anna's hand, and I loved the sensation of my glans rubbing against her fingers. Wave after wave of pleasure raced through my body, all of it centered on my penis and prostate. I continued to ejaculate for what seemed to me to be forever, but I'm sure in reality was only for 10-20 seconds.

Once my ejaculation slowed down, and I could stop thrusting, sperm continued to ooze out of my hole. Anna managed to catch most all of it in the jar, with only a little running out, down my shaft and onto her hand. The jar was almost completely full.

"Ryan, that was amazing!" Anna said.

"Ryan, just lay there and relax for a bit. Try and catch your breath. Anna, let's get that semen sample registered and refridgerated as soon as possible.

Brenda and Anna went about their business, annotating in my file the necessary information, and started cleaning up from my examination.

"Ryan, how do you feel?"

"I'm a little lightheaded, Brenda. But otherwise, I feel great." My erection lingered for a few minutes, but then slowly I started to soften. Once I was flacid again, I started to get up so that I could get dressed.

"Hold on Ryan, don't get dressed just yet. I have a few other things I'd like to go over with you, if you don't mind......."